Album Release on 8/3

The much anticipated full length studio album, Trip, will be available on 8/3 at Gottrocks. Preorder your copy at the online store!


Trip Single Release on 3/15/2018

MARCH 15, 2018! Available online everywhere!


We are officially finished with recording, mixing, and mastering my new album, Trip, due out Summer 2018. Huge thanks to my amazing team of musicians, and the incredible John Keane for making these tunes sparkle. Blessed!


Happy Holidays

Tracking on the album is officially finished! Now we sit back and wait while mix-meister John Keane works his magic. Should have this thing mixed and mastered by the end of December. I've contracted Greenville artist Dumah Morgan to work up some cover artwork. The rough ideas this guy is giving me are already pretty incredible. Cannot wait to see this thing come together. Got a few cool opener spots in Greenville coming up, plus a solo acoustic show in my hometown of Irvine, KY while I'm back for the holidays. Thanks for checking things out, wonderful things are right around the corner!




So my birthday is Friday... I'll be 31. I absolutely feel older every day. Running the race. Amazed that my feet keep up, really. I'll be taking a few friends down to Athens, GA to hopefully complete tracking for the new album. The rough mixes already sound better than I expected, and I know you guys are going to be just as thrilled when you get to hear it. I've brought in heavy hitters Jack Ryan (Marcus King Band) and Ike Stubblefield (dude, this list... just google him if you don't know him), as well as my close friends Sam Kruer, Troy Jones, Adam McFarlane, and Audrey Hamilton. This team is incredible, this album is on another level. I'll be bringing you a sample in the near future so stay posted!



We have finished tracking drums and bass for the next album. I can't explain how thrilled I am with the sounds were are pulling, mainly thanks to the engineer/jedi that is John Keane. Still some guitars, vocals, and a few overdubs to go, but definitely making headway. Until then, don't forget you can still stream or purchase both For When You Don't Sleep and Inferno on a number of sites, including iTunes, Amazon, and many others. Thanks for all your support, and look for a single soon!


Son did you hear the news?

It is a season of change, people! I've had the chance to play with some pretty awesome talent lately, and luckily there's proof! Here is a video from my album release show at IPA in Greenville, SC. A little "Sir Bruce the Hungry" to get you going. 


Deluxe Guitar Exchange demos.

I recently did some video demos of some fine acoustic guitars from the Deluxe Guitar Exchange, a guitar shop in Greenville, SC featuring some very nice guitars and amps. Here's one of the videos!

Fete Greenville Interview

My interview with Matt Morgan for Fete Magazine.


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